Client Testimonials

I approached CCATEC about funding to pursue a career in Dog Grooming and they were very supportive of my career choice and helped me in the application process. After I had completed the required application, I received funding from CCATEC to start my schooling at Canine Designs Teaching Salon in Kamloops BC. The Grooming course was a twelve weeks comprehensive academic professional dog grooming course, followed by a 1-year apprenticeship. This additional apprenticeship period gave me the skills and confidence to start my own grooming salon.

I moved back to Williams Lake to start my own salon in 2017. I made the decision to “share” a space with an established local groomer to lesson the impact of high commercial rental rates in the area. Using social media, I self-promoted my business to establish clients which has proven to be very successful for my small business. Since 2017 I have built a stable clientele with new clients booking daily.

I’m grateful to CCATEC for their initial support and funding for my education and the continued support I receive today.

Megan McCullough
The Barking Barber
Rosaire took a carpentry program through CCATEC. Before Rosaire began his carpentry program he suffered a huge loss in his community, (Esk’etemc), many community members passed within a close time period; Those of which included his uncles. When starting the program, he suffered more losses, this time it was losing friends over the amount of schooling he was doing. Schooling for Rosaire was embarking at a very hard time, he looked to CCATEC for support and encouragement to help him fulfill his career goals. Rosaire was enrolled in a accelerated version of the carpentry program, this meant that rather then going to school for a two year program he was doing the program in a six month time period. He was taking up to 3 tests every week. While going to school in the start Rosaire remained living in Esk’etemc, the commute started to weigh down on him and his learning. At this time Rosaire started to look to the friendships he had built in his carpentry program. Through this he found a friend that welcomed him into his home. After a bit of struggle to get EI Rosaire thanked his friend by paying a monthly rent for his room and helping with groceries. Throughout Rosaire’s apprenticeship he has worked on a numerous amount of building and infrastructures, some of which include: the youth and elder building in Williams Lake Indian Band, buildings in Alkali Lake, helped to build Alkali Lake Band office.

Without CCATEC and a referral from O&M Rosaire would not have gotten all the support that he has from his vand and CCATEC. Rosaire is greatful for CCATEC and Board, he attributes his success to CCATEC.
The Government of Canada has contributed funding to this initiative.